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Study in Europe

Europe Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar

One of the most crucial steps in pursuing higher education overseas is submitting a visa application. Europe earns recognition on a worldwide scale as one of the best destinations for students looking to study abroad. The MBBS programme provided in Europe is one of the most sought-after degrees among students. Europe has over 800 institutions that provide higher education. This makes it a popular destination for students from throughout the world.

Why Study in Europe?

Quality Education
Degrees from the Europe are recognised all around the world. Universities in Europe are renowned for providing top-notch instruction that enables students to acquire both practical skills and academic knowledge.
Low Cost of life and Tuition
Europe is a cheap alternative for education and life when compared to other European nations.
No admission Exams
One of the main factors contributing to Europe’s popularity as a study abroad destination is the absence of any admission exams.
No Language Barrier
since 90% of the courses are given in English, there is any need to worry about learning a new language in order to study in Europe.
Europe Study Visa Eligibility

For taking admission to European universities, one should apply for a student visa. To apply for the student visa, candidates should meet the generic eligibility criteria:

A student must be at least 17 years old.

Students must have received at least a 50% on their prior test.

Students must have had English as a compulsory subject.
Students must have a letter of admission from the institution and be able to present all the paperwork necessary to apply for a visa.

Benefits of Study In Europe

VSS Immigration is equipped with experienced education consultants, who believe in shaping the future of our students by creating a niche to enhance their knowledge through the platform of education. Our values and believes are equally reinforced through numerous ways to provide better quality services to the students.

1. Flexible conditions of entrance to Europe and a simple admission procedure to the university. For admission to the university of Europe, you do not need to take exams and be tested

2. A tolerant society. In Europe there are no interracial conflicts, there is no religious oppression. Europeans are tolerant of foreign citizens and are famous for their hospitality to the whole world.

3. Affordable cost of education. The cost of studies in Europe is significantly lower than in Europe, North America.

4. Accommodation in the hostel. European universities offer places in hostels for international students. The cost of living is very democratic.

Hire the Best European Study Visa Consultants in Jalandhar
If you want to study abroad and are looking for Europe study visa consultants in Jalandhar, The VSS Immigration experts have strong and direct links with the top universities in Europe. These direct links make them the best option in Jalandhar, from where one can apply for their Europe study visa.

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Education system in Europe

European’s education system is known for booming career’s and future development. One of the major tasks for the authorities is to provide top-quality education in equal proportion for the Europe citizens. In the area of education and upbringing are involved 7% of European professionals teach 11 million students (22% of the population).

International students studying in Europe get their higher education in universities, academies and institutes, that are not only accredited but also have a special license to teach foreign students. All the universities from this Guide possess the license.


Any citizen, regardless of nationality. According to the laws of European, employment is permitted beginning from the age of 16. Persons who have made a crime previously may be refused in working permit obtaining.

Permission is also granted for the employment of:

1. foreign citizens who are sent by a foreign employer to European to perform a certain amount of work (services) on the basis of contracts concluded between the domestic and foreign business entities; the percentage of qualified foreigners employed under the agreement does not exceed half of the total number of people working for Conditions of the contract

2. foreigners who are classified as “intra-corporate transferees” according to the schedule of specific obligations in the service sector, the Protocol on European’s accession to the WTO (Article II of the General Agreement on Trade in Services)

3. The detailed procedure for the employment permit, state fees, terms, and requirements are regulated by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of European.